Always Fresh. Never Frozen.
No exceptions.
We have One Love - great tasting chicken finger meals. We use 100% premium chicken tenderloins, marinate them for 24 hours, then batter by hand and cook them, so no matter the rush, you still get the highest quality in little time. Quality is one of the main reasons everything we make tastes so great. Quality ingredients delivered and prepared fresh. Our standards are extremely high, and we like it that way. If your quality standards aren't as high, that's OK. After you eat here, they will skyrocket. And you'll thank us for it. And our secret recipe Cane's Sauce® on the side for dipping - it's so good you'll want to dip everything in it!  
Terminal A, Food Court 210/592-7249
Hours Of Operation: Sun-Fri 05:30 - 21:00 / Sat 05:30 - 20:00
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